domingo, 18 de julho de 2010

Anthropophagy I

English language version of the poem "Antropofagia I" published in the book "Antropophagya" by Marius Arthorius

Biting and tearing
The fragrant human skin
Bursting with the traditions
Food my body
With the meat of my similars
Digestion nefarious and adored
Breaking the tendons
That sustain the beings
That makes up the backbone of society
Originated by deformed embryo
Considered perfect and normal
Nothing too usual
Structure aborted
Does not sustain itself
Condemned to die
Nature originated
Putrid and bloody placenta
Surrounds and suffocates the child originated
Called of
Devour the stagnant society
Allow it to head for the Nothing

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  1. Congratulations my dear.
    It was a very good idea to put your
    words in another language...

    Excelent words!